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PRP Hair Transplant in New Zealand

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Beard Hair Transplant in New Zealand
Hair Transplant in New Zealand

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Advanced Hair Transplant Treatment in New Zealand

Completely natural, long-lasting hair reclamation is currently accessible with the improvement of best in class careful procedures, for example, Follicular Unit Extraction (hair transplant grafting). You can expect fantastic outcomes with a hair transplant performed at LHS in New Zealand. The tufted, "pluggy look" of the olden days has been committed to the history books and your hair dresser won't see your micro-graft hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Process Details

At LHS, the best process involved for the successful hair transplant is FUE. Follicular Unit Transplantation of donor hair grafts includes the exchange of small skin grafts. It contains naturally happening gatherings of hair known as follicular units from the lower, changeless hair-bearing scalp (the donor region) to the balding area. The hair transplant procedure is performed under local anaesthetic with minor sedation. At first, a portion of skin is evacuated and the donor area closed by dissolving sutures (strip surgery).

This process offers great results and helps one look perfect without any imperfections. Our specialists performing hair transplant in New Zealand makes you feel comfortable and easy throughout the treatment process. For further details or information, you can contact us freely anytime or visit our website!

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